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    New Seagraves

    hose is replaced on a separate schedule . hose is stamped with a date on it . hose older then 10 years or hose that is damaged is to be taken out of service and replaced . so most hose isn't on the same schedule as the rigs
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    5/7/24 Queens All Habds 10-77 Box 7162

    i believe that 4th engine on the fith alarm is listed as the squad unless it is on the first alarm assingment
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    FDNY-EMS response to fires

    isn't the all hands response 2 BLS 2 ALS and 2 Conditions officers
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    Quints are majority of Aerial builds says manufacturer

    any fire which a 10-75 is transmitted. as that is a hard thing to figure out as the runs and workers compile all all hands and greater and 10-75's aren't included in that if i had to guess the average is probably 50-60 times a year
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    NY airport emergencies

    Depends on the emergency. There are 5 alert levels the tower can activate . Level 1 is aircraft is reporting a technical issue and doesn't require emergency services and is just a notification Level 2 is aircraft is reporting a technical issue and is requesting emergency services crash trucks...
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    3/31/24 Brooklyn 5th Alarm / 10-66 Box 0270

    did the fire marshals determine the cause of the fire
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    Frequently Asked Question

    the decon trained engine goes with the decon truck .
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    3/31/24 Brooklyn 5th Alarm / 10-66 Box 0270

    there is some discretion for the dispatchers . piss a dispatcher off you probably will get all the relocations they can send you on . there probably is a point were the assistant commissioner of communications might come and say something to the dispatchers .
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    3/31/24 Queens All Hands Box 7727

    hasn't that been around for a while
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    10-75 Signal Revision

    i believe policy is 3rd due truck will always be the fast truck
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    NY airport emergencies

    i believe so
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    NY airport emergencies

    At JFK staging is at building 269 the main fire rescue building . at LGA it would be at guard post 30
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    Run Ticket

    he did die on 9/11 and was in engine 65
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    Run Ticket

    6 of the 9 rigs on that ticket didn't come back either
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    Cop shot in the 101.

    1 officer has sadly passed away . reported as a traffic stop for the suspects car being parked in a bus stop .
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    3/24/2024 Brooklyn All Hands Box 2318

    310 283 248 174 123 all are were the work is
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    NY airport emergencies

    lga box is 0037 jfk is 0269 response is for the second alarm is 8 engines 1 with the hose wagon 5 truck 3rd is fast 5 battalion chiefs 4th is resource 5th is safety officer the deputy chief the hazmat , rescue and safety battalions , 2 rescues 1 squad (with second piece ), haz mat 1 , one haz...
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    3/24/23 Queens All Hands Box 9141

    wouldn't engine 315 be 4th due engine if 125 is 3rd due and 127 is 4th due trucks
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    3/18/24 Queens All Hands Box 7845

    probably out of service for training