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  1. Medic1nash

    Cop shot in the 101.

    RIP.... poor family
  2. Medic1nash

    Heavy Rain Storm 3/23/24

    What's NWK?
  3. Medic1nash

    Edgewater Park VFD Orders New Engine

    Anyone know how many calls a year they do??
  4. Medic1nash

    Houston Mother Gives Her All

    Heart breaking...
  5. Medic1nash

    Nashville HAZMAT Radioactive Waste incident on I-40 02/05/24

    Nashville FD has 2 Full time Haz Mat units, Hazard 12 and 13... 2 Haz Mat Medic Units also Medic 12 and 23...
  6. Medic1nash

    Nashville HAZMAT Radioactive Waste incident on I-40 02/05/24

    When I came into work last night, day shift was saying how no info about hazmat was given right away and first due Co's did there thing... pulled up next to truck, stretched a line, driver of truck walked up the road to talk to PD and was not for several mins later did they figure out, uh oh its...
  7. Medic1nash


    They were just arrested again in Phoenix for a unknown reason
  8. Medic1nash

    12/11/23 Bronx 10-60 Collapse Box 4785

    Thank you, enjoy seeing the EMS rundown also... good job..
  9. Medic1nash

    Fire books for kids...

    Anyone knkw of any decent books about fire trucks or firefighters, keep running into the same ones... thank you
  10. Medic1nash

    Leverkusen *3rd Alarm *

    What would a 3rd alarm run down consist off?
  11. Medic1nash

    9/27/2016 10-60 2nd Alarm Bronx Box 3732

    Sorry for the loss brothers... RIP
  12. Medic1nash

    8/30/23 Brooklyn All Hands Box 0160

    What consist of medical branch resources??
  13. Medic1nash

    7/18/23 Brooklyn Collapse Box 361

    Does the vacuum truck respond with any police escort or does it have its own emergency lights??
  14. Medic1nash

    7/13/23 Bronx All Hands Box 4502

    What apparatus is the Bronx Beach Rescue unit? Is that the only one...
  15. Medic1nash

    Newark, NJ 7/5/23 Ship Fire

    RIP brothers.... such a shame...
  16. Medic1nash

    LODD Paris, France

  17. Medic1nash

    Europen Style Sirens in NYC

    Engine 40 and Truck 32 were just passed for this budget...