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    4/25/24 Brooklyn All Hands Box 2116

    Pretty obvious it is. Should be 257 Engine.
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    3/3/24 Brooklyn All Hands Box 2103

    Continuing The Tradition.
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    New Seagraves

    231's current rig a 2010 Seagrave, SP10028, was on display at the NJ State Convention in Wildwood in September 2011. It didn't enter service until the end of October 2011.
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    2/12/24 Brooklyn All Hands Box 2309

    With 227 on Ralph Ave.
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    New Seagraves

    10-4 Capt.
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    New Seagraves

    The 2010 Seagraves will not all be replaced. 231 still has a 2010.
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    Where would you put 3 Additional Ladder companies.

    Again with a Truck at 283? With 120, 123,170, and 174 surrounding 283 and now Rescue in Brownsville, no need for another truck company. If that were the case, 176 would have went there instead of with 233.
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    Captain Paul Jetter and crew of Ladder 120 circa 1979. Tom Hammond, Pete Lund, Kevin McCarthy, Captain Jetter, and Charlie Hayes. Credit to Original Photographer.
  9. FDNY Captain Jetter and Crew of L120..jpg

    FDNY Captain Jetter and Crew of L120..jpg

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    5/15/23 Brooklyn 10-75 Box 1633

    From above, it looks like they were 234 acting 303 in Queens at the time.
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    Chief Paul H. Jetter, Sr. on May 5th, 2023 Funeral Mass this Thursday May18th, 2023 at 1000hrs at Sacred Heart Church, 51 Mohican St. Lake George, NY. Chief Jetter was The Captain of Ladder Company 120 from 1977 - 1984. Was the Commander during a time when the work was still very heavy and the...
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    New Rearmount order

    The Highway Truck, L156
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    Runs & Workers 2022

    Running around a lot gets old real fast, a three digit number in the last column tells you who is going to work.
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    3/10/23 Brooklyn 10-75 Box 997

    233,231 176,120 Bn44, is the box, if all available.
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    New FDNY Tillers

    You made a statement that the department was struggling to get a new rig (Rearmount) in service. My question is why? Was there a problem with the rig. Did it not pass inspection? Is it even in the city yet? Has any company started training on it if it has been accepted? And as far as the...
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    New FDNY Tillers

    Did I miss something? The department is struggling to get a Rearmount in service? And what does this have anything to do about companies requesting a Tiller in the future?
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    New FDNY Tillers

    Maybe inside information. The answer to your question is in his comment.
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    Old FDNY Apparatus Restored/Saved Parts

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    Old FDNY Apparatus Restored/Saved Parts

    MT-8410, A Hundred and Twenty Truck. This rig served on Watkins Street from Feb. 1985 to Mar. 1997. Just happened to find it Devino's Metal Salvage Yard in Newark, NJ in May 1998. A couple of us went back a week later to give her a proper send off with some Budweisers. Ironically she had just...
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    New Rearmount order

    Never liked these Gold Stripes from the first rig they put them on. Rigs would look better with Department Patch, Company Number and Patch, and plain white stripe. Just my opinion. I liked the Old-School look from 1980's and 1990's better.