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  1. SoHoTruckin20

    1/20/14 Bronx 10-60 Box 3115

    Address: 1970 Cedar Ave Truck into house people trapped B-19 Evacuting people from the exposures. Going to be hard to get the people trapped in the main building E-75,42 L-33 B-19 R-3 w/ CR 3 R-4 L-116 w/ CR 4 Sq-41 D-7 B-19 10-75 All Hands @18:35 D-7 10-60 Code 1 @18:38 E- L-59(Fast) L-27...
  2. SoHoTruckin20

    1/20/14 Bronx 10-75 Box 3689

    Address: 3990 Bronx Blvd Fires on the 3rd floor of a 6 story MD Ladder 51 assigned as a TL cant ladder the front of the building B-15 I/C B-27 10-75 Chief E-79 extra engine above the All Hands Ladder 61 Fast Rac-3 enroute E-63,62,38,66,79s/c L-39,32,51,61(Fast) B-15,27 R-3 Sq-61 D-7 Rac-3
  3. SoHoTruckin20

    1/20/14 Queens 10-75 Box 7556

    Address: 23-31 35 St. Fire in a 2 story private dwelling 20x40. E-312 1st Due
  4. SoHoTruckin20

    1/19/14 Manhattan 2nd Alarm Box 715

    Address: 44 west 34 st bet 5&6aves Fire in a commercial bldg E26&L24 1st due
  5. SoHoTruckin20

    1/19/14 Brooklyn10-75 Box 2503

    Address: 909 E 5th St off Foster Ave. Fire top floor in a 4 story non-fireproof. B-48 using All Hands 1 L/S/O E-250 "Parkville Eagles" 1st Due E-250,281,247,255 L-147,157,172 Fast B-48,33 R-2 Sq-1 D-15 Rac-2
  6. SoHoTruckin20

    1/19/14 New Haven CT 73 Box 606

    Fire Location: 68 Charles St Box 606 Cross Streets Are: Orchard St. to Orchard PL. Reported as Fire in the oven Units on Box 606 E6,9,8 T4 Sq2 EU2 C34 E-6 65 w/ a smoke condition @11:08 E-6 73 @11:08 E-6 Fires knocked checking for extention @11:11 C-34 1 L/S/O @11:12 T-4 Primary Neg...
  7. SoHoTruckin20

    1/18/14 Queens 2nd Alarm Box 9476

    Address: 50-19 175 Place off Utopia Pkwy. Fire in a private dwelling. E-299/TL-152 1st due.
  8. SoHoTruckin20

    1/18/14 Manhattan All Hands Box 1023

    Address: 111 W 71 St off Columbus Ave. Bn-11 using All hands, under control.  No Special Units Fire was on the 6th floor, quick knock down. The Cavemen Engine 40 / Ladder 35 1st due. E-40,74,23 L-35,25 B-11
  9. SoHoTruckin20

    1/16/14 Queens 10-75 Box 7439

    Address: 32-08 12 St off Broadway. Fire 2nd floor in a 2 story commercial. E-262 "The River Rats" 1st Due
  10. SoHoTruckin20

    1/15/14 Bronx 10-75 Box 2508

    Address: 941 Hoe Ave off Hunts Pt Ave. Fire 5th floor in a 6 story multiple dwelling.
  11. SoHoTruckin20

    1/14/13 Queens MVA w/ Pin Box 5317

    Location/ 201 st/ 99 Ave. E-301 confirming a pin. L-150 tools in opperation R-4 & Sq-270 en route
  12. SoHoTruckin20

    1/14/13 Brooklyn 10-75 Box 2159

    Address: 929 East 107 off Flatlands Ave Fires in 2 dryers in a Laundromat Ladder 174 Fast B-58 Using All Hands 1 L/S/O Engine 257 & Ladder 170 1st Due "Canarsie's Bravest" E-257,290,310,283 L-170,103,174(Fast) B-58,44? R-2 Sq-252 D-15 Rac-2
  13. SoHoTruckin20

    1/13/14 New Haven CT 73 Box 805

    Fire Location: 247 Highland St Box 805 Cross Streets are Sheffield Ave to Sheldon Terrace Reported as fire on the outside of the 2nd floor Units on Box 805 E-8,9,4 T-4 Sq-1 EU-2 C-34 E-8 63 73 fire in the walls @14:19 C-34 working a 73 in the walls of a 2.5 Wood no exposure...
  14. SoHoTruckin20

    1/13/14 Bronx 10-75 Box 3324

    Address: 2328 Belmont Ave Fires in the basement of a 2 story 25 X 75 Wood PD E-88 & L-38 "1st Due at the Zoo" 1st Due Maybe: E-88,48,75,45 L-38,56,33(Fast) B-19,18 D-7 R-3 SQ-61 Rac-3 D-7 Using All Hands
  15. SoHoTruckin20

    1/11/14 Manhattan 10-75 Box 312

    Address: 69 Wooster St Fire 5th floor in a 6 story loft. E-33 & L-112 acting L-11 1st due. B-31 Act. B-2 I/C 10-75 E-55 L-3(Fast) R-1 Sq-18 D-1 Rac-2 **G-Man in effect E24,E55,L20,L5,L9,B4 all out** Relocation: Engine 53 Act. Engine 33
  16. SoHoTruckin20

    1/11/14 Queens 2nd Alarm 5233

    Address: 129-13 135 Place off Sutter Ave. Fire in a private dwelling. E-302 & L155 "Vipers Nest" 1st Due House explosion. Bn-51 reporting all members are exiting the house, major structural damage, this will be an exterior operations. Special call Tower Ladders. D-13. 3 L/S/O. Requesting...
  17. SoHoTruckin20

    1/10/14 Manhattan 10-75 Box 1285

    Address: 435 Central Park West Fires on the 1st floor of a 6 story MD 200 X 100 E-76 TL22 & B11 1st Due Monumental Pride E-47 Urgent B-11 is using All Hands requesting an extra Engine & Truck E-53 & L-43s/c B-11 1 L/S/O, E-76,47,74,58?,53s/c L-22,25,26(Fast)?,43s/c B-11,10 R-1 Sq-41 D-3 Rac-1
  18. SoHoTruckin20

    1/10/13 Brooklyn 10-75 Box 7352

    Location: New Lotts Ave/Livonia Ave. Fire in the electrical room at the Elevated train Ladder 170 Fast D-15 All Hands
  19. SoHoTruckin20

    1/10/14 Bronx 10-75 Box 3390

    Address: 15 E 196 St off Jerome Ave. Fire in a 6 story multiple dwelling 50x100 non-fireproof
  20. SoHoTruckin20

    1/10/14 Brooklyn All Hands Box 1828

    Address: 305 Fountain Ave off Sutter Ave. All Hands going to work for fire in the compactor room. No special units are required.