4-14-08 Va. Beach, Va. Working Fire w/ S/C, Private Dwelling

Apr 9, 2007
1863 Indian River Road
Between: Princess Anne Road & New Bridge Road
Fire in a Private Dwelling

1315: E5, E17, E12, E21 act. E6, L21, Tanker5, Tanker6, Bat4 (non hydrant area)

1316: Numerous calls, victim laying in the yard. EMS dispatched.

1318: E6 available & sent in

1321: Bat4 "start a 2nd ambulance"

1321: Bat1 assigned

1322: reports of ammunition firing off in the structure

1323: Bat1 "on scene, working fire, heavy involvement, 2 story private dwelling"

1324: Sq3, Safety1, Car5

1325: Bat4 "on scene in command"

1325: Bat10 (Chief of Safety)

1327: Bat4 "respond Va. Power"

1329: 1 victim with life threatening injuries, air ambulance requested & unavailable. ground transport to Norfolk General (Level 1 Trauma Center)

1342: Bat4 "primary search complete on all floors & negative. 2 story frame private dwelling; balloon construction. No exposures, 2 lines in operation.

1353: Support8

1354: Bat4 "need 1 additional Engine"

1355: E16

1418: Bat4 "need another Engine"

1419: E2

1426: Bat4 "under control"

1526: Bat4 "fire out"

1615: Bat4 "command terminated"

1747: run closed out