4-8-08 Va. Beach, Va. 2nd Alarm w/ S/C, Fire in a Commercial Building

Apr 9, 2007
814 Baker Road
Between: Weblin Drive & Baccalaureate Drive
Fire in a Commercial Building (Originally Put Out as a Fire Alarm Activation)

2055: E9, E7, L9, Bat3 (Fire Alarm Response)

2056: TL2 available & sent in, L9 to remain in service

2059: TL2 "on scene, working fire, fill out the assignment & transmit a 2nd alarm!"

2059: E4, L9, Sq10 (1st alarm filled)

2059: E10, Safety1, Support8, Car5, Bat7(PIO), (working fire assignment)

2059: E3, E1, TL16, L1, Bat1, Car4, Car8, Command1 (2nd alarm)

2109: Car1 (Fire Chief S. Cover), Car2 (Chief of Operations R. Journigan ), Bat2

2116: Investigator2 assigned

2120?: Bat3 "1 story row of offices, Exp A: street, Exp B: similar attached, Exp C: detached multiple dwellings, Exp D: similar attached (lines in operation unknown)

2131: E2 is special called

2136: Bat3 "respond Va. Power"

2145?: Bat3 "fire knocked down"

2200: Bat3 "fire is under control, fire was held to the building of origin, all exposures clear"

2238: Bat3 "under control, partial primary conducted, nothing found, extensive overhaul in progress"

0018: Bat3 "all 2nd alarm units have been released, secondary search was not conducted due to severe structural damage"

0127: Run closed out