5-19-08 Va. Beach, Va. Working Fire in a Multiple dwelling

Apr 9, 2007
617 23 St.
Between: Cypress Ave. & Mediterranean Ave.
Originally put in as a private dwelling

1205: E11, E8, E14, E20, L11, Bat1

1206: Bat3 sent in, Bat1 unavailable

1207: Bat2

1208: E11 "light smoke showing investigating"

1209: E11 "working fire, 2 story frame multiple dwelling"

1209: TL8, Sq10, Safety1, Car6

1212: Bat3 "need Police for traffic control"

1218: Bat2 "available on scene"

1224: Bat3 "fire knocked down, primary complete & negative, Exp A: street, Exp B: street, Exp C: yard, Exp D: 2 story private dwelling, 1 line in operation, have Va. Power respond"

1229: Bat3 "secondary complete & negative, under control"

1240? fire out

1258: Bat3 "command transferred to E11-A"

1324: run closed out