6/10/24 Brooklyn 10-75 Box 4005

Mar 9, 2023
Phone Alarm Reporting Fire In Apartment 248.

E225: 10-75 The Box. @09:03

B39: Fire In Apartment 248 On The 2nd Floor Of A 7-Story 100x300 Class 1 Multiple Dwelling. @09:03

BK/B39: L173 Is Designated Your FAST Truck & Medical Branch Resources Are Responding.

B39: 1 L/S, Attack Stairwell Is C. Searches Are In Progress, DWH. 730 Vandalia Avenue Is The Confirmed Address. @09:05

1: Street
2: Street
3: Alley
4: Alley

B39: All Primary Searches Are Complete & Negative With Exception Of The Attack Stairwell, DWH. @09:07

BK/B39: Also Receiving The Class 3 For The Addresses Of 894 Fountain Avenue & 750 Vandalia Avenue.

B39: Transmit The All Hands. @09:12

BK/B39: On Transmission Of The All Hands, (E331/TL170) Assigned.

B39: Primary Searches In The Attack Stairwell Are Complete & Negative, PWH. @09:14

B39: The Class 3's Check Out, Secondary Searches Are In Progress. @09:20

D15: Under Control. @09:27 (Duration 30 Min)

D15: Secondary Searches Throughout Are Complete & Negative. @09:35

TL124 act. TL107
E234 act. E236
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