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Jun 27, 2017
Houston PD had a somewhat similar situation.

Decades ago, one of their officers had an auto accident while on duty. He sustained a severe head injury and ended up in a nursing home.

For years afterwards (I can remember up to maybe 15 years ago), every Saturday morning the day watch from his old station (I think South Central Patrol) would send a unit to the nursing home. He would be carried out to the car (the good old baby blue one) and handed the radio mic. With heart rending difficulty he would report "Single Officer 10-8". The dispatcher would acknowledge his status and ask how he was doing. Other units from all over the city would jump on the South Central frequency with words of encouragement. After a few minutes it was over till the next Saturday.

Everybody was just making the best of a tough place. I wonder if this kind of activity would be allowed now days?