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    Old school couple still living their "Glory Days":
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    I enjoyed "Rescue Squad" as well, I have a copy in my collection. Sorry to hear of his passing. Prayers for his loved ones.
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    12-6-1987 LODD FF JOHN (JACK) TOOMEY LAD*123.

    Jack was a great firefighter, whether on the fire floor, cooking the meal, playing softball or teaching the new guys. He had tremendous pride in our company and inspired that pride in all who worked with him. He was the guy who gave me my orientation when I walked through the door of St. John's...
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    12/3/20 Brooklyn 10-75 Box 3006

    Sorry to hear it. I hope you are able to recover from the fire quickly.
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    News of Members

    Happy Birthday John D.
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    Rest in peace Howie; a good man.
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    News of Members

    Thank you Mack for your kind comment about the podcast as well as for posting the photos of my Dad from back in the day. Your work on this site is much appreciated!
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    Thank you Irish, glad you enjoyed it.
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    Thank you for your kind words Bill. I love living down south in retirement, but would certainly have enjoyed the get togethers that members of this site do had I still been nearby. Much like Gettin' Salty, NYCFireNet provides us with the kitchen table.
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    Thanks Brother. We are blessed to have worked where we did, when we did.
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    Thanks Willy, as you're aware I talk a lot...
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    News of Members

    Thanks brother, if was fun.
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    7/23/20 Brooklyn 10-75 Box 3209

    E-309,231,276,255 should be 321.
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    Did FDNY respond and operate at this MVA?

    Thank you Mike.
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    Did FDNY respond and operate at this MVA?