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    12/9/22: New London, CT- Working structure fire

    Reported elsewhere: at 11:40, fire at 238 Thames Street, heavily involved 2 1/2 story frame structure. @ 11:41: Working fire assignment. @ 11;42: second alarm transmitted for heavy fire. @11:49: command pulling everyone out; going defensive. @12:06: two firefighters being transported with...
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    12/7/22 Brooklyn 10-75 Box 662

    Does this count as truckless triangle?
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    RIP Chief O'Flaherty.
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    Lukenbach Steamship 35th Street Pier Fire - 12/3/56

    I was playing basketball in the gym of PS 249 at Caton Avenue and Marlborough Road. The explosion, about four miles away, caused one of the gym windows to blow in. We were blamed for breaking the window. When we went outside, the column of smoke in the air was huge. I was 13 at the time.
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    2022 Eastern, Ct Year In Review Fire Video

    Great video. I responded on the third alarm. Heavy fire with power lines down. Another power line came down across Route 1 in the area of the Hoxie Station. Massive mutual aid response.
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    11/27/22- Mystic, CT 5th Alarm

    Also on the fourth: Ladder from Stonington Borough, engine and tower ladder from Pawcatuck. They all arrived prior to the units listed on the fourth alarm.
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    11/27/22- Mystic, CT 5th Alarm

    Some of the departments on scene: Mystic, Old Mystic, Sub Base, Poquonnock Bridge, Ledyard, Gales Ferry, Stonington Borough, Pawcatuck, Wequestequock, Cohanzie (Waterford), Westerly (RI), Mohegan Tribal (2nd FAST Team), Mystic River Ambulance, Stonington PD, Groton PD, Canteen Unit. Tanker...
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    11/27/22- Mystic, CT 5th Alarm

    Third alarm transmitted. Poquonnock Bridge, Ledyard
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    11/27/22- Mystic, CT 5th Alarm

    Second alarm transmitted.
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    11/27/22- Mystic, CT 5th Alarm

    Working fire at 2 Washington Street. Reported smoke and flames from commercial structure at Seaport Marine, Box plus assignment. Mystic FD, Old Mystic FD, Sub Base FD FAST,
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    11/26/22 Brooklyn 10-77 Box 418 Delayed

    Finally back on Hicks Street.
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    Eastern, Connecticut's Firefighter/EMT Staffing Levels

    Separate departments. City of Groton, Poquonnock Bridge, Sub Base, Electric Boat, Pfizer, part of Old Mystic, part of Mystic, Noank, Center Groton, Groton Long Point all departments with the Town of Groton
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    Eastern, Connecticut's Firefighter/EMT Staffing Levels

    Pawcatuck FD has four members/chiefs on duty on weekday day tours. Nights and weekends they rely on volunteers, Stonington Borough FD has one member (Chief) on duty weekday day tours. Nights and weekends they rely on volunteers. Wequetequock FD is all volunteer. Quiambaug FD has a member/...
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    11/23/22 Bronx 2nd Alarm Box 2421

    Interesting: L 33 and L 17 got relocators but they are not listed on the rundown.
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    11/22/22 Queens 2nd Alarm Box 5126

    Time to bake the donuts, errrr bagels.