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    Super Pumper System

    are there any statistics of how many times the Super Pumper responded to calls and how many times it was operated at fires?
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    Busiest Company In The Bronx..

    In 2007 Squad 41 responded to the most OSWs out of all the Squads.
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    Busiest Company In The Bronx..

    I try to make it nice and fancy and Guitarman beats me to it!!
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    Busiest Company In The Bronx..

    These stats are fom 2007, and I got them from                      Runs       Workers    OSW (Occupied Structural Workers) SQUAD 41        3,569       2,025       472   SQUAD 61        3,521       2,049       393   A pretty close match... either way you're going to see some...
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    Busiest Company In The Bronx..

    Do you mean Squad 61 as an Engine or a Squad?
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    Busiest Company In The Bronx..

    It depends, are you talking just engines?
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    Engine 82 during the war years

    You can't have an entire movie where the setting is computer animated, that makes the production a whole lot harder and in the end you'll have a crappy movie, I'd say if they were going to make this a movie it would have been done by now. 
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    NYC considers creating "organ removal" ambulance

    I found this on the home page...
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    E7 L1 B1

    after 9/11 ladder 10 was never with 7,1,1 theres an enitre article about them being with engine 4 and ladder 15. Plus they couldnt have been between engine 7 and ladder 1 due to the fact that they keep the Battalion there and a ladder would not fit in the third bay of the house as there is a...
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    E7 L1 B1

    Ladder 10 went to Engine 4 and Ladder 15 on South Street, It may have been the Engine that went in the extra bay at 7,1,&1
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    E7 L1 B1

    it now holds TL1's second piece since it is a SOC support truck
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    Haz-Mat 1

    I have a few questions about Haz-Mat 1 and what they do. 1. How do they staff both pieces?(Do they have both pieces completly staffed or is half the Co. on the Ferrara and the other half on the Kenworth/Pierce?) 2. Do they ever get to see fire? if so what are they used for?(I was wondering if...
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    Super Truck sold on Net

    I realize this post is somewhat old, but i found this on another forums( and the Pierce truck from Coverner's Island has been sold,,