3/22/24 Brooklyn 4th Alarm Box 3780

Jun 29, 2020
I realize am not at the fire, but I do know this. Aerial Ladders in front of the fire buildings did little good. This fire was so advanced that Tower Ladders in front of the buildings would have allowed the use of Tower Ladder streams to reduce the fire enough for an interior attack to recommence. In advanced fires the use of Tower Ladders or other Large Caliber Streams is often a safer, faster option, then interior handlines "AT FIRST "and only for a few minutes or so. This does NOT mean a total exterior attack. It means knock the major fire down, and then an aggressive interior attack, can be started or restarted after an evaluation of the structural stability of the fire building/s in done by one or more trained Chief/s or Company officer/s. The Chicago Fire Department calls this "RERSETTING THE FIRE" A Tower Ladder or Tower Ladders directed to the street to the rear of the fire buildings could possibly be backed into a driveway on the exposure 3 - C Side, to deal with the heavy fire in the rear of the buildings. I realize I am a "Monday Morning Quarterback" and I was not at this fire. I am just giving another option based on over 50 years of firefighting, most of my learning being the hard way. Captain Bob Rainey FDNY Engine 26 retired.View attachment 42979
That’s good in writing, maybe in theory. The next hydrant on the block was all the way at the corner. There’s reports of people trapped. Hoselines put fire out. There’s reports of people trapped in the building, which there was. The first due truck made a grab and set an aerial up for egress for the members. The first due engine isn’t stretching a line for half a city block on a tight one way street because they’re waiting for a tower ladder. The first due truck isn’t staying off the block because they’re waiting for a tower ladder to take their spot. How about we talk about the great job these companies did instead of trying to promote how they all should’ve gotten out of the buckets way.
Jul 20, 2022
Brother your points are valid. As I said I was NOT at this fire, and we know all too well the most important thing is you get water on the fire to protect life. I was only trying to give another way of looking at the situation in advanced fires. When people are trapped, as you indicated, that trumps anything else. An old FDNY statement is still true "more lives are saved by the proper positioning of hoselines. than any other reason." But the 1st due truck be it an Aerial or a Tower Ladder belongs in front of the fire building, especially if a life hazard exists or is believed to exist. As I said I am a distant "Monday morning Quarterback" It is easy for me or someone else to second guess when we were not even there. The brothers and sisters did an outstand job, that is a fact. The only thing I am trying to do is promote a dialog, and not in any way trying to say what was done was wrong. Narrow streets are always a problem and dramatically reduce our options. I know this neighborhood I was brought up in and graduated from High School in Flatbush/Midwood/Kensington Brooklyn. I Thank you for your input and knowledge of what really was happening.
Captain Bob Rainey FDNY Engine 26 retired
Oct 6, 2011
Off the top of my head on the relocations.
107 went to 149.
170 went to 172 I think (after 158 went to scene)
155 went to 170
Some of the assignments were alil out of wack due to multiple other phone alarms out in the boro.