3/31/24 Brooklyn 5th Alarm / 10-66 Box 0270

Mar 9, 2023
Incident Location: 225 Seigel Street

Phone Alarm Reporting Fire In A Church.

BK/B35: We Loaded Up Your Box (E218/R2/SQ252).

E237: 10-75, Fire In A Church.

BK/B35: TL124 Is Designated Your FAST Truck & Medical Branch Resources Are Responding.

B35: Using All Hands, DWH.

CIDS (227 Seigel Street): 1962 1-Story Class 3 30x125 Church.

B35: s/c An Extra Engine & Truck (E217/TL119), Make It A Tower Ladder. Have TL146 Come In From McKibbin Street.

B35: Transmit The Full 2nd Alarm. @13:57

TL119: We Are Involved In A Minor Collision, We Need To Be Replaced.

B35: 2 L/S/O, 3rd Line Being Stretched. 225 Seigel Street Is The Confirmed Address. @14:01 (Duration 13 Min)

BK: B57RUL, B45SO, E207 w/ Satellite 6.

*Selected Staging Area - Moore Street & Bushwick Avenue*

D11: s/c (1) Additional FAST Truck (L112), We Are Putting The FAST Truck To Work For Fire Duty.

FC: Transmit The 3rd Alarm. @14:15

BK: B44SM, B43AR, E332CU.

FC: 10-2 The Air Recon Chief (B43).

FC: Transmit The 10-66 (4th Alarm). @14:31

FC: Rescind The 10-66, Return All Units On The 10-66. Have The 4th Alarm Assignment Continue In.

FC: Fire In A 1-Story 30x125 Church, 4 L/S/O. (2) Tower Ladders In Setup & Operating. Primary Searches On The 1st Floor Are Complete & Negative.

FC: 3 L/S/O, Primary Searches In The Cellar Are Complete & Negative. DWH. (Duration 1hr, 14 Min)

FC: s/c (2) Additional Trucks & Have Them Report To The Staging Area, (1) Being A Tower Ladder (TL117 act. TL146/TL142 act. TL124).

FC: Secondary Searches In The Cellar & On The 1st Floor Are Complete & Negative, Exterior Operations Are Continuing. Fire Is A Rectory In The Rear, DWH. (Duration 1hr, 40 Min)

FC: s/c (2) Additional Battalion Chiefs, Have (1) Respond To Command Post & Other To Staging Area (B2 act. B35/B50 act. B44).

FC: s/c (1) Additional FAST Truck To Relief L112 (TL119).

FC: s/c (1) Additional Truck & Have Them Report To The Staging Area (L133 act. L112).

FC: Transmit The 5th Alarm. @16:21

FC: (3) Tower Ladders Operating, (1) Deck Gun In Operation & (2) Handlines In Operation. Conditions Remain Unchanged, DWH. (Duration 3hr)

FC: By Orders Of CAR4, PWH. (Duration 3hr, 8 Min)

FC: s/c (1) Battalion Chief To Wyckoff Hospital For The Mixer Off Message Earlier (B28). B10 To Another Hospital?

FC: By Order Of CAR4, Under Control. (Duration 3hr, 31 Min)

FC: Have DOB Respond To Assess The Structural Stability.

FC: s/c (2) Engines & (2) Tower Ladders For Relief Purposes (E243/E254/TL131/TL172). @18:00

10-75 (All Hands):
E237, E216, E230, E218, E217 s/c
L108, TL146, TL124F, TL119 s/c, TL111 s/c
B35, B28
*TL119 Involved In An MVA, Replaced By TL111*

2nd Alarm:
E206, E271, E211, E222
E207 w/ Satellite 6
L102, L104, L112F s/c
B37FF, B57RUL, B45SO

3rd Alarm:
E229, E280 act. E216, E221, E332CU
L148 act. L108
B38FF, B44SM, B43AR

4th Alarm / 10-66:
E239 act. E230, E310 act. E218, E228 act. E217, E277, E214, E291
TL163 act. TL146, TL120 act. TL124, TL159 act. TL111, L140, TL117 act. TL146 s/c, TL142 act. TL124 s/c, TL119F s/c, L133 act. L112 s/c
B39 act. B28, B41 act. B57, B31, B2 act. B35 s/c, B50 act. B44 s/c
E227 w/ RC2
K9-01, SOC Logistics, SOC Compressor

5th Alarm:
E293 act. E237, E263 act. E229, E226 act. E211, E240 act. E221, E243 s/c, E254 s/c
L16 act. L108, TL159 act. TL111, TL131 s/c, TL172 s/c
B46, B28 s/c

CAR12, CAR23D, CAR32A, CAR12B, CAR24, CAR22C, CAR11, CAR4, CAR15, CAR2, CAR11F

L148 act. L108
E263 act. E229
TL120 act. TL124
E280 act. E216
TL163 act. TL146
TL159 act. TL111

B41 act. B57
E310 act. E218
E239 act. E230
E238 act. E217
B39 act. B28

E6 act. E207
E293 act. E237
B48 act. B44
E226 act. E211
L16 act. L108
TL117 act. TL146

E5 act. E230
B2 act. B35
E305 act. E277
TL142 act. TL124
E236 act. E310
B50 act. B44
TL44 act. TL117
L133 act. L112
E240 act. E221

E205 act. E222
TL105 act. TL146
B40 act. B28
TL114 act. TL119
E161 act. E211
L109 act. L108
E227 act. E216
E255 act. E201
E201 act. E229

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May 25, 2022
FDC Pfeiffer was here, not sure where he went.

As of 4PM flame on the left side of the building is going pretty good
Nov 25, 2015
I guess the CAD picked Box 270 Bushwick & McKibbin rather than 702 White & Seigel just East of the Church Fire....... Box 702 5-15-62 LODD FF John Cannon ENG*237....Continued Rest In Peace.
And with a 10-66 given too. You’re probably right.
Nov 1, 2019
I guess the CAD picked Box 270 Bushwick & McKibbin rather than 702 White & Seigel just East of the Church Fire....... Box 702 5-15-62 LODD FF John Cannon ENG*237....Continued Rest In Peace.
Massive job back in early 1991 of Bogart-Mckibben-White-Borum. Entire black was interconnected warehouses, three of the 4 burnt down with one still standing today. Now it’s a concrete plant.

FDNY Response Videos

FDNY Response Videos
Nov 5, 2017
It’s actually shocking the number instances that churches have major fires on Easter. For example last year a fire destroyed a historic church in Cambridge MA on Easter (a fire that is still being investigated by the FBI), and as everyone likely remembers - the St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Church near the flatiron that burned to the ground before Easter service in 2016.

My 2 cents is that it’s likely a nasty mix of arson and unattended candles.