5/25/23 Queens All Hands Box 6042


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Mar 9, 2023
Incident Location: 94-54 Lefferts Boulevard

Phone Alarm Reporting A House On Fire.

Unknown Unit: 10-75 The Box. (I Am Assuming SQ270)

B51: Go With The All Hands, Start Out An Extra Engine & Truck (E303/TL127).

QD/D13: L126 Is Designated Your FAST Truck.

CIDS (Box 6040): 2 ½ Story 25x35 Class 4 Vacant Private Dwelling, Heavy Fire Load On 2nd Floor.

D13: S/C An Additional Tower Ladder (TL155).

D13: Heavy Fire Throughout A 3-Story Vacant Peaked Roof Private Dwelling, Using Exterior Operations.

D13: No Special Instructions For TL155.

D13: Using All Hands, For Heavy Fire Throughout A 2 ½ Story 20x50 Vacant Peaked Roof Private Dwelling. 2 L/S/O. Trucks Opening Up. (Duration 14 Min)

1: Street
2: Street
3: Garage
4: Detached Similar

D13: 3 L/S/O. (1) Tower Ladder In Operation & We Are Setting Up A 2nd Tower Ladder. (Duration 15 Min)

D13: 3 L/S/O. (2) Tower Ladders In Operations. MBOFKD, Searches Delayed Due To Vacancy In Building. (Duration 26 Min)

D13: 3 L/S, 1 L/O. Shutting Down The Tower Ladders, Primary Searches Are Complete & Negative In The Cellar & On The First Floor. (Duration 35 Min)

D13: Primary Searches Are Complete & Negative Throughout The Structure. (Duration 43 Min)

D13: We Are Going To Release SQ252 & Rescue 4, They Will Become 10-8 When Available.

D13: Have The Department Of Buildings Respond To Assess The Structure.

D13: Continuing Operations Of Tower Ladder Hitting Hot Spots. Secondary Searches Are Complete & Negative On The First & Second Floor. PWH. (Duration 1hr, 11 Min)

D13: Secondary Are On Going, Delayed Due To Structural Instability. Under Control. (1hr, 34 Min)

SQ270, E308, E294, E285, E303 s/c
L143, TL142, L126F, TL127 s/c, TL155 s/c
B51, B50

Some Relocations:
TL120 Act. TL142
L112 Act. L126
TL163 Act. TL155
E297 Act. E303
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Mar 18, 2009
Units responded to same house for a 2 & 2 porch fire about 90 mins earlier. Hmmm...

Address: 95-54 Lefferts Blvd
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