Orange County,FL 2 Alarm Church Fire 8/22/2023


Jul 11, 2022
Fire also.had a mayday. Ff was disoriented and was found and removed with 2nd and 3rd degree burns. Here's a first hand account from St 30 that was first due.

2nd alarm in 30s first due for B shift. E30 spotted the smoke while returning from another alarm and called a still alarm for the building fire. E30 Lt made entry and found members of the church still inside for bible study while the fire alarms were sounding. The churchgoers were ignoring the alarms as they “go off all the time.” After evacuating everyone the members pulled a 2” line for fire attack. Truck 30 began setting up their bucket to cutoff the fire. R30 initiated a primary search. Conditions had deteriorated rapidly and visibility went to zero. 42 engine and Sq3 assisted with the primary. A mayday was called on a firefighter who was disoriented but was found and removed. He was transported to the hospital with 2nd and 3rd degree burns and is expected to be ok. Crews were immediately evacuated and setup for a defensive fire as the fast moving blaze overtook the entire attic space. Thankfully there were no other injuries reported.