Where would you put 3 Additional Ladder companies.

Sep 25, 2013
Truck with E283
Truck with E91
Truck with E168

Could use a engine

Rosevelt Island or E261
Engine between E1 and E3 like 25th & 10th or so

Add Battalion

Staten Island with E168
One in Queens somewhere

Make E23 the Squad and make E81 a Hazmat Tech
Ladder 43 was at E91 for over 60 years.
Roosevelt Island had Combination Engine 49 with an engine and ladder.
Between E1 and E3 on 25th between 8th and 9th was E19.
Sep 8, 2013
In Manhattan, the 1st due ladder to 42nd Street & 5th Ave comes from the 4th due engine co's quarters....
Wouldn't Ladder 2 be first-due there? Wouldn't Engine 8 be second-due after Engine 65 or at worst third-due after Engine 21?
Aug 16, 2008
"I wish raindrops were beer"

Time to get off Santa's knee and get back to reality.

According to the Tax Foundation, the worst state climate for business was New Jersey followed by New York. In 2022, 150 publicly traded companies moved headquarters across state lines. Most came out of California or New York.

In 2020 the US Census for New York City was 8,772,978

In July 2022 it was 8,337,897

The estimate for 2023 is 7,888,121

annual loss is minus 3.84%

New York City debt FY 2000 $39.55 Billion
FY 2020 $95.27 Billion

Truth In Accounting ranks NYC 75th worst (out of 75) for taxpayer burden for five years running.

NYC Retirement Funds are 50% underfunded- $47 billion for pensions, $115.5 billion for healthcare

As a start, pick 20 engine companies and 10 ladder companies to close.
I think were likely to see closures in the next few years.
Sep 10, 2020

Continuing to get us off topic, but a Squad 9 in the flatlands area. Coverage gap and take miles off Q1.