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    NYC has plans to increase city!

    No I'm quite sure he was referring to the old joke about how Staten Island got its name.
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    Station Locations Question

    The 1952 edition of The Complete Street Guides for Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan & Bronx published by Geographia Map Co. included addresses of all the fire houses in each borough.
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    2/20/23 Queens 10-75 Box 6061

    Hi, Should 302 and 127 be in the rundown.
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    New Rearmount order

    Seeing the discussion of speed of todays rigs, just wondering if the shops ever installed governors on the older rigs, say prior to 1950.
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    1/6/23 Buying, Selling and Trading WNYFs

    Of the list you sent, I found 68 issues. I have all but Jan '41, Jul & Oct '92, all in 1994, all in 1995, Jul & Oct '96 and Apr 2020. Not sure why I'm missing so many from the mid 90's but there may have been a short period when they did not publish them. Perhaps someone on the job back then...
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    1/6/23 Buying, Selling and Trading WNYFs

    I probably have all you need at a extremely cheap rate so send me a private message.
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    Thanks for the numbers. Just wondering if B-28 is considered to be in Queens or Brooklyn?
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    I suppose FDNY was one of the departments that did not participate in 2021 because I recall seeing a good number of engine companies that exceeded 6,000 runs that year.
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    FDNY THROWBACK THURSDAY - November 14, 1968 –Testing of new FDNY Mack Pumpers in Brooklyn.

    The 20 1968 Mack CF models had the oval tent-like hose bed covering and the 35 1969 Mack CF models had the hose bed covering changed to the more familiar flatter version which was used until 1986.
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    Understanding NYC addresses

    To add to the confusion: Manhattan street addresses follow an algorithm that allows anyone with rudimentary math skills and the following charts to find the nearest cross street for a house number on an avenue. Take the number of the street address, drop the last digit, divide by two...
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    8/10/22 Queens 10-75 Box 1224

    memorymaster, I was as baffled as you were as to how there was a restaurant in there even after seeing what appeared to be a "Todays specials" on the chalkboard in the first picture above.
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    E206 area

    Hey bro (lucky). I'm surprised you didn't have 277 in your user name.
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    E206 area

    Back in the early 50's my dad was with L140. Occasionally when he picked up his paycheck at the firehouse, he would take my twin brother and me to purchase sneakers on Metropolitan Avenue in Williamsburg. Every time we passed E206, the firehouse doors were closed and it had to be because of...
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    3/30/22 Queens 5th Alarm Box 4758

    This may have been the same box as the 13 alarm that resulted from a ruptured gas pipe. If so, who would have thought they would ever see Manhattan engine companies assigned to that box again.
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    3/8/22 Brooklyn 2nd Alarm Box 3621

    Exactly my thoughts. Hopefully both illegally parked vehicles were ticketed or would that just be wishful thinking.