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    Additional battalion chiefs in service?

    Hearing battalions 71 and 72 on Brooklyn air tonight...any info? Possibly because of the jewish holiday of lag baomer, when its customary to light small bonfires, so gonna be lots of 10-22 runs,  especially in Brooklyn
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    Is there a difference between FDNY DARS and fireground when listening to online radio?
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    Radio Comm

    A few questions regarding radio communications- 1- On borough frequencies, why isn't the mixer always left on? 2- What exactly does the battalion repeater system accomplish, how is it different then the kutta system, is it related to a post radio, and do divisions have them as well? 3- What is...
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    Command Posts

    Does anyone have pictures of a command post, or can anyone explain what an incident commander is doing on those whiteboards? Additionally, I?ve seen some sort of tablet at command posts-what are those used for? Thanks....