1/17/12 Manhattan Box 571 - All Hands

Nov 27, 2007
Chelsea, Manhattan, NY, 1/17/12

Address: 75 9th Ave between West 15 and 16 sts

04:30 hours
Class 3 Box 571 - Automatic Alarm
E3, TL12, Battalion 7

04:37 hours
Battalion 7: Transmit the Box, we have a smoke condition in the basement.

Box after initial 571
Squad 18, E14

10-75-571 - 04:44 hours
BC7: 10-75 the Box, fire in the basement, we have not located the source of the fire.  We'll do the size-up by CIDS, 1 is a street, 2 is a street, 3 is a street, 4 is a street.
L3 (FAST Truck)
Battalion 6
Division 1
Rescue 1
Squad 1

CIDS for 75 9th Ave:
Commercial 8 story 210x800 class 1.  Repeater radio at alarm panel.  May need handy-talkie relay.  Interconnected to 10th Ave at 1st floor.  Numerous staircases.  A.k.a. 88 10th ave

04:48 hours
BC7: Box 571, we want Battalion 6 to respond to 15th st and 10th Ave and set up the command post radio for communications

04:56 hours - Duration 28 minutes
Division 1: Have ConEd respond to this Box.  Emergency Crew from ConEd Electric for emergency shutdown.

7-5-571 - 05:05 hours - Duration 36 minutes
DC1: The fire is in the baasement electrical room, appears to be knocked down by the sprinklers, trucks are opening up, trying to get a look if it's knocked down, searches are in progress.  All-Hands.  A precautionajry line has been stretched.

05:08 hours
ConEd reports a crew will be enroute ASAP

05:09 hours
ConEd reports a 20 minute ETA

05:09 hours
DC1: We believe we've located the electrical room, Waiting for ConEd to open up on it, can you send a Purple-K unit as a precautionary.
E33 w/ Purple-K 33 S/C

05:11 hours - Duration 42 minutes
DC1: Can we have 2 trucks respond with fans for ventilation.
T5, TL21 S/C

05:13 hours - Duration 44 minutes
DC1: Have those 2 trucks report into 15th st and 10th Ave, report into Battalion 6 with their fans.  Also can we have another chief respond to this Box.  Also trucks forced into the room where the source of the fire is believed to be with the sprinklers, and the fire has not been located at this time.
Battalion 9 S/C

05:14 hours
TL21: Advise Division 1 that our generator is out of service, we do not have electrical power.

05:15 hours
DC1: Special call another truck for fans, have TL21 continue in, we'll put them to work for relief.

05:18 hours
E33: Ascertain from Division 1 where he wants the Purple-K.
DC1: Have them report to 15th and 10th Ave to Battalion 6

05:28 hours - Duration 59 minutes
DC1: Truck companies have located the fire, fire has been knocked down, they're looking for extension, searches are in progress, we'll remain Doubtful at this time.

05:30 hours - Duration 1 hour 1 minutes
DC1: On Box 571, there was 1 line on the fire, it was located in a storage room in the basement.  There's a light smoke condition, we have fans in operation, fire's still Doubtful, k

05:49 hours - Duration 1 hour 19 minutes
DC1: Box 571, main body has been knocked down, fire was in a storage room in the basement, trucks continuing to overhaul in the basement, ConEd is on the scene, ConEd will not be needed as fire was in a storage room, not an electrical room.  Trucks are continuing to search, they will be delayed in the primaries throughout the building due to the size of the building.  Fans are in operation to alleviate the smoke condition, CO levels are at 1100 now and dropping, we will remain Doubtful.

05:50 hours - Duration 1 hour 21 minutes
DC1: Box 571 we'll go with a Probably Will Hold.

05:55 hours
DC1: Have Dept of Health respond to this location, we have a lot of food stores in the basement and restaurants above.  Also we're releasing the Purple-K Unit.

05:57 hours - Duration 1 hour 28 minutes
DC1: Box 571, primaries and secondaries on the fire floor are complete and negative, primaries on the floor above are complete and negative, secondaries are almost completed, we'll go Under Control at this time, k.

06:08 hours - Duration 1 hour 39 minutes
DC1: At Box 571, Battalion 7 will be the Incident Commander.  L5, L9, L21, E1, and Battalion 9 will be remaining on scene, we have a smoke condition in the basement that is taking a while to alleviate, they will remain on scene until it has cleared up.  The secondary and primary searches throughout are complete and negative, we used All-Hands, also Dept. of Health needs to respond, it's a complex consisting of about 25 food stores on the main floor, k.

Relocations: E10/14, L2/24
Dec 7, 2007
Thanks, catry - nice work, as usual.  As a side note, this building is known as Chelsea Market and has TV station NY1 among its tenants.