1-25-08 Va. Beach, Va. Working Fire with S/C: Private Dwelling

Apr 9, 2007
2749 Elson Green Avenue
Between: Canavos Court & Sandbridge Road
Fire in a Private Dwelling

1449: E33, E5, E17, E12, L11, Bat4

1451: Numerous calls coming in

1453: Bat4 "Transmit working fire"

1454: Sq3, Safety1, Car8, Bat3

1459: Bat4 "Fire spreading from the garage to the attic"

1501: Car6

1519: Bat4 "Special call 2 Engines & 1 Ladder"

1519: E21, E9 acting E5, TL16

1536: Bat4 "Primary complete on all floors & negative, 2 story frame private dwelling, Exp A: street, Exp B: similar detached, Exp C: yard, Exp D: street, 2 lines in operation, respond Va. Power"

1545: Bat4 "secondary complete & negative"

1548: Salvage8

1558: Emergency flasher activated by E9 in error (no mayday)

1607: Bat4 "Under control"

1631: Investigator5

1704: Bat4 "Respond Forensics"

1729: Car8 DC Piland "available"

1730?: Bat4 "Fire out"

1839: Bat4 "Command terminated, all units available, clear tactical channel"