1-27-08 Va. Beach, Va. Working Fire in a Private Dwelling

Apr 9, 2007
4316 Moosewood Court
Near: Silverleaf Drive
Fire in a Private Dwelling

1425: E9, E18, E16, E19, L9, Bat2

1427: A couple calls coming in

1429: Sq10, TL16 added

1432: Bat2 "on scene, 2 story frame, light smoke, units investigating"

1436: Bat2 "Working fire"

1436: Safety1, Bat3, Car8

1445: Bat2 "Under control, primary & secondary searches are complete & negative throughout. 1 line in operation, Exp A: street, Exp B: similar attached, Exp C: yard, Exp D: similar attached"

1456: Bat2 "Fire out"

1507: Bat2 "Units in the process of being released"

1507: Car8 DC Piland "available"