1/3/12 Manhattan Box 1670 - All Hands

Nov 27, 2007
Washington Heights, Manhattan, NY, 1/3/12

Address: 2979 8th Ave @ West 155 st

07:58 hours
Phone Box 1670 - Report of smoke in a multiple dwelling
Engs. 67, 69, 80
L28, TL23
Battalion 16

08:00 hours
Receiving apartments 26L, 27L, 28C, 30L

08:02 hours
E67: Be advised we see smoke from the upper floors.

08:02 hours
Now receiving report of person trapped, apartment 27L.  Also receiving apartments 22C, 29E

08:03 hours
Now receiving report of person trapped, apartment 26L

10-75-1670 - 08:06 hours
Battalion 16: Box 1670, 10-75, fire in the compactor unit, details to follow.
L55 (FAST Truck)
Battalion 17
Division 6
Squad 41
Rescue 3

08:06 hours
Receiving apartments 29E, 25M, 19E, 22M, 21F, 30E, 20M, 19J, 22P, 19B

CIDS for 2979 8th Ave:
Multiple dwelling 30 story class 1.  Standpipe outlets in public hall.  Need 4 lengths to reach rear apartments.  A.k.a. 2971 8th Ave

08:10 hours
L30 (FAST Truck), Battalion 13 available replacing L55, Battalion 17

08:11 hours
Receiving report of baby with difficulty breathing in apartment 22N, also receiving apartments 7F, 25J, 26K

08:12 hours
BC16: Box 1670, we have a 30 story class 1 multiple dwelling, all exposures are courtyards.  Fire in the compactor unit, fire is Doubtful at this time.  Dimensions 100x100.

08:13 hours
BC16: Fire is in the compactor unit in the basement.

7-5-1670 - 08:14 hours
BC16: Box 1670, using All-Hands, no special units needed.

08:14 hours
Receiving apartments 19B, 19H, 27E, 22E, 20M, 26M, 28M, 28C

08:15 hours
Reporting a panicking caller in apartment 22P, woman with children reports she's heading to the window.  Also receiving apartment 22B

08:28 hours
Now receiving apartment 17M

08:28 hours - Duration 32 minutes
Division 6: Box 1670, primary searches in the stairwell and floor above complete and negative, we're going to go with Probably Will Hold.

08:35 hours - Duration 38 minutes
DC6: Box 1670, seconday searches are still in progress, we'll go Under Control and release L30 the FAST Truck.  Battalion 16 will be Incident Commander.

08:44 hours
Receiving an American Medical Alert alarm for apartment 28CC.

08:44 hours
BC16: Box 1670, all secondaries are negative.

Relocations: L43/28