10/19/2021 Staten Island 2nd Alarm Box 1912

Oct 17, 2013
Address: 96 & 98 Renee Place - between Hillman and Jardine Avenue

Fire in two attached 3 story PD's.

Box loaded up due to calls.

0850 - E-166 - 10-75 the box.


0852 - Bn. 22 - Give me an extra Engine and Truck (E-157, TL-79). All Hands

0855 - Bn. 22 - We're 10-84 and we have an exposure issue. Transmit a 2nd Alarm.

0859 - Bn. 22 - We have fire on the 1st and 2nd floor of 96 Renee and fire in 98 Renee. 2 L/S/O, one to 96 and one to 98.

0904 - Div. 8 - We need EMS to the command post in front of the fire building. There was a Mayday, but everyone is fine. All are accounted for.

0907 - Div. 8 - Start out another FAST Truck (TL-87 act. TL-86).

0910 - Div. 8 - 4 L/S/O.

0914 - Div. 8 - The original fire building, 96 Renee, MBFKD, primaries are negative on the 1st floor, trucks are opening up. DWH

0915 - Div. 8 - Primaries and secondaries are complete and negative in the original fire building. Primaries are negative on the 1st floor in 98 Renee.

0919 - Div. 8 - Special call 2 more Trucks for overhaul (L-78 act. L-83, TL-76 act. TL-86).

0921 - Div. 8 - Update on the Mayday: The member is accounted for and no medical treatment is required. Primaries and secondaries are negative throughout 98 Renee.

0937 - Div. 8 - We have damage to several surrounding exposures. 102 Renee has been checked and is negative, 41 & 45 Morgan Lane have both been checked and are negative. PWH - Duration 49 minutes.

0951 - Div. 8 - Under Control - Duration 1 hour 4 minutes.

E-166, S8, 163, 158, 157 s/c
L-86, 83, 80F, 79 s/c
B-22, 21
E-159 w/ Sat. 5

2nd Alarm Maybe:
E-156, 165, 168
L-85, 87 act. 86 F s/c, 78 act. 83 s/c, 76 act. 86 s/c
B-23 FF, 40 RUL, 33 Safety
SB, RB, Tac 2
Car 13B

E-253 act. E-163
E-153 act. E-166
E-164 act. S-8
E-202 act. E-158
E-228 act. E-156
E-321 act. E-164
E-240 act. E-165
TL-87 act. TL-86
TL-76 act. TL-86

TL-172 act. TL-86
TL-131 act. TL-79
L-78 act. L-83
L-81 act. L-80
S-41 act. R-5
B-31 act. B-21
B-43 act. B-22
B-32 act. B-23
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Dec 12, 2019
Staten Island and Manhattan Island need an additional squad. Brooklyn has two squads and does Queens and the Bronx
Oct 18, 2011
Staten Island and Manhattan Island need an additional squad. Brooklyn has two squads and does Queens and the Bronx
The northern parts of manhattan are covered by squad 41. I forget what street they go down to on the east and west side. Someone here has the answer. Let’s not forget squad 1 used to take in all of Staten Island jobs and what not before squad 8 was created. The higher ups have pre planned for things like this to happen.
Jan 20, 2014
I think Sq-18 covers up to 96 on the East Side & 125 on the West Side

But then again times have changed Barb wise


Aug 8, 2009
Staten Island and Manhattan Island need an additional squad. Brooklyn has two squads and does Queens and the Bronx
SI just got Squad 8 which does not leave SI, unlike Rescue 5 which covers parts of Brooklyn.

Although it would be nice to have additional squad companies, there are a few needs SI has for fire protection that will become greater as the Island continues to grow and becomes busier and more congested.

SI still has the same number of battalion chiefs it had almost 100 years ago. There are only 3 BCs and even a 10-75 requires 2 chiefs from Brooklyn. Chiefs from other borough busy battalions can have runs of 10 or 20 miles or more - and then they have to return. So SI gets delayed responses and Brooklyn loses a busy chief due to lengthy travel times for long periods of time. Chiefs on SI recognized this shortcoming at least over 40 years, when fires on SI had no chiefs assigned because of an on-going fire or incident. Cities and counties with comparable size to SI often have 4, 5 or 6 BCs.

West Shore ladder companies are sparse on SI. Single West Shore firehouses have no truck companies - E 158, Sq 8 (former E 154), E 168. Response of ladder companies to West Shore fires can be slow depending upon availabilities (e.g. - L 86).

Some SI neighborhoods which continue to grow have long responses due to distance from firehouses. New Springfield/SI Mall area have grown significantly with stores, commercial buildings and housing developments. Same with Princes Bay/Pleasant Plains area.
Dec 7, 2018
I think Sq-18 covers up to 96 on the East Side & 125 on the West Side

But then again times have changed Barb wise
It was suppose to be up to 74 First due area on west and up to E44 first due on the east so like..

W88-89 & E82-83
Sep 10, 2020
Just looking at the gaps on the map, I'd put an engine and truck on SI near the mall. If I were to put another Squad somewhere, I'd do it in this gap in Midwood. SQ1 would probably still go to SI, but would get relief not having to go to the southern end of Brooklyn.

Feb 9, 2018
SID to B22: "Signal 10-30 has been transmitted due to the amount of calls we're receiving, you're getting E158"

SID to B22: "with the request of the extra E/T we're going to transmit the All Hands"
B22 To SID: "10-4"
Apr 13, 2012
Pics from SILIVE.COM:


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Jul 25, 2018
Fire was a 10-75 around 0850 and under control around 0950. Do you think Sq 41 ever got there, depending on traffic?
Hope they at least got a cup of coffee for the ride back.
May 10, 2019
It looks to me, from this picture in the Advance of the damage that the two houses had adjoining rear decks.1634728936684.png