11/16/23 Queens All Hands Box 1099


Mar 9, 2023
Incident Location: 14-64 Beach Channel Drive (Redfern Houses)

Phone Alarm Reporting Fire In Apartment 2C.

QD/B47: We Loaded Up Your Box, Reported Person Trapped (E266/R4/SQ270).

CIDS: 7-Story 30x100 Class 1 Multiple Dwelling, Irregular, No Standpipe.

E264 'Urgent': 10-75 The Box, Fire Out The Windows On The 2nd Floor.

QD/B47: L137 Is Designated Your FAST Truck & Medical Branch Resources Are Responding.

B47: You Can Release The Maine Units On This Box.

B47: Using All Hands For A Fire Out The Windows On The 2nd Floor Of A 7-Story 30x100 Occupied Multiple Dwelling, 1 L/S. Isolated On All 4 Sides. DWH.

B47: 2 L/S, 1 L/O. Water On The Fire, MBOFKD. Trucks Are Opening Up. DWH. (Duration 11 Min)

B47: Searches On The 3rd Floor & The Floor Above Are Complete & Negative. (Duration 12 Min)

B47: Correction - The Fire Is Going To Be In Apartment 3C On The 3rd Floor. (Duration 13 Min)

B47: Primary Searches On All Remain Floors Above Are Complete & Negative. (Duration 17 Min)

B47: PWH, Anyone Not 10-84 Can Go 10-8. (Duration 17 Min)

D13: All Visible Fire Has Been Extinguished, Secondary Searches Are In Progress. Under Control. (Duration 26 Min)

D13: Secondary Searches Throughout Are Complete & Negative. (Duration 36 Min)

E264, E328, E265, E266
L134, TL121, L137F
B47, B54
M9, MB

L112 act. L137
B43 act. B47
L126 act. L134
E311 act. E265
TL162 act. TL121

Screenshot 2023-11-16 at 11.33.06 PM.png
Photo Credit: CitizenApp
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May 25, 2022
EMS Rundown:
MCI 21

Staging: Beach Channel Drive & Horton Avenue
Command Post:

ALS: 47X, 51Z
BLS: 47D, 47E
COND: C47 (Medical Director), C54

0 Patients as of 23:35
Moderate Risk to Public Safety Personnel & Civilians
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