2 Birmingham AL FD Firefighters shot INSIDE firehouse - In serious condition 7/12/23

Sep 7, 2020
Shooter(s) entered through open bay doors. Shooters still on the loose. FF's in Serious condition. Prayers for their full and speedy recovery

Reprinted from Chief Billy G - The Secret List

Two Birmingham Fire & Rescue Service Firefighters were shot this morning at a fire station in the city’s Norwood community. Both were taken to a hospital in serious condition and were shot in the chest and legs. The shooting happened just before 8:30 a.m. at Station 9.

At least one caller reported hearing shots and ran to take cover in the bathroom. The shooter entered the fire station through the open bay door, which typically remains open to be accessible to residents who need their blood pressure checked or other help or information.
The early indication is that this was a targeted attack, according to cops.
At least one other firefighter was inside the station when the shooting happened. That Firefighter was not injured. Much more to follow.

Take Care. Be Careful. Pass it On.


The Secret List 7/1/2/2023-1100 Hours
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Jun 27, 2017
Sadly, mental illness and conflict sometimes intersect at the firehouse.

Philadelphia FD 10/30/52 Ladder Company 8

That morning a member ran upstairs and shot two firefighters, killing one.
Then, he dove down the pole hole head-first. He died 11 years later in a mental institution.

Jackson Ms. FD 4/25/96

An off-duty Jackson firefighter killed his wife, then went to Headquarters Station where he shot and killed two captains and then two district chiefs.

Memphis FD 3/8/00

An off-duty Memphis firefighter killed his wife and then set his house on fire. He then shot and killed a Deputy Sheriff and two firefighters from arriving Engine Company 55.