2019 FDNY EMS Week Music Video – EMS United


Aug 8, 2009
“This EMS music video is a tribute to our fallen hero FDNY EMT Yadira Arroyo and all of the first responders we’ve lost. We will always remember their dedication, commitment, passion, and supreme sacrifice. We honor them now and forever. The title of this music video is EMS United. It has always been my hope that as a service we can come together as one voice and strengthen our ties with one another. Together we can accomplish great things for our profession and for the people we serve in our communities. It is time to unite and work as a unified service. Let’s be a family and let’s strive to be the best EMS providers we can be. Thank you to all of the EMS providers around the world for all that you do,” says FDNY Captain Farooq Muhammad.