3/30/20 65-2 Message EMS Fall Back Step 3

Feb 27, 2015
Len90 said:
Spoke to a crew from Illinois today who were helping perform hospital shuffling. ALS crew with one medic and one EMT. Staged out of the Bronx zoo and responding throughout Bronx, queens, and into Long Island.

Inside the hospital walls is just as busy. The stories you have heard and read about constant codes etc. it?s tiring and scary.

Lebby: you guys still okay with PPE? Face shields are the scarcest item for us

We have a few, but we also have our issued goggles
Jun 2, 2009
QUEENS1985 said:
Here at the hospital it?s constant overhead for a rapid response team that handles COVID pts.
We have two of those teams due to the volume now. Usually there's only one "team"

Lebby said:
We have a few, but we also have our issued goggles
Good to hear. We have goggles too; everyone got a pair of goggles issued last month.  Usually I will only use the shield for anything that is aerosolizing and puts me close to the patient's face... swabbing patient, central line.

Call volume slow down at all on your end. Heard the numbers were down a little from the peak but still insanely high.