4/6/24 Bronx 3rd Alarm Box 2782

Mar 9, 2023
Incident Location: 3884 Park Avenue East

Phone Alarm Reporting Smoke In The Area - 3884 Park Avenue East.

BX/B26: Also Receiving The Address Of 1514 Washington Avenue Reporting Smoke From A School.

L27: 10-75 The Box, Fire In A 1-Story Taxpayer. 3884 Park Avenue East Is The Address. @23:08

BX/B26: TL44 Is Designated Your FAST Truck & Medical Branch Resources Are Responding.

B26: 1-Story 100x50 Class 3 Taxpayer, Auto Repair Shop. @23:13

1: Street
2: 5-Story MD
3: Rear Courtyard
4: Similar Attached

BX: Transmits The All Hands With Request For Extra 1&1.

D6: 2 L/S/O, Water On The Fire. s/c An Extra Engine & Truck (E82/TL31). @23:20

D6: Companies Are Making Progress, Knocking Down Fire. Primary Searches Are Still In Progress, Trucks Are Opening Up. @23:28

D6: s/c (2) Additional Trucks (TL46 act. TL44/TL58).

D6: 3 L/S/O, (2) To The Interior & (1) To The Roof. @23:37

D6: Transmit The 2nd Alarm, Fire In The Cockloft. We Need The First Engine To Come In With The Cockloft Nozzle. @23:39

BX/D6: B13RUL, B3SO, E72 w/ Satellite 2.

D6: Primary Searches Throughout Are Complete & Negative. @23:44

*Selected Staging Area - Park Avenue & East 171st Street*

D6: Fire In The Roof Structure Above The Cockloft, Setting Up Tower Ladders. @23:54

D6: Transmit The 3rd Alarm, We Have A Roof Collapse. @00:03

BX/D6: B14SM, B58AR.

D6: Roll Call Being Conducted, Everyone Is Out Of The Building. (1) Tower Ladder In Operation, Setting Up Another. @00:09

D6: s/c (1) Additional FAST Truck (L47 act. L19).

D6: The Services Of B58AR Are Not Needed, They Can Go 10-8.

FC: s/c (2) Additional Trucks (TL17 act. TL58/L38) & Have Them Report To The Staging Area.

FC: 2 L/S/O From Exposure 2, (3) Tower Ladders Setup & Operating. All Searches Throughout Exposure 2 & 4 Are Complete & Negative, DWH. @00:35

FC: Have DOB Respond Due To A Collapse Of The Roof. @00:38

FC: (3) Tower Ladders Setup & Operating, Fire Is Darkening Down. PWH. @01:19

FC: s/c (1) Engine, (1) Tower Ladder & (1) Battalion Chief (E263 act. E42/TL35 act. TL58/B49 act. B26) & Have Them Report To The Staging Area. @01:31

FC: s/c (1) Additional Truck To Relieve The FAST Truck (L150 act. L27). @01:34

FC: s/c (1) Additional Battalion Chief (B10 act. B17) & Have Him Report To Exposure 3 To Relief B3. @01:40

B49: s/c (1) Engine, (1) Tower Ladder & (1) Battalion Chief For A Watchline. @03:27

10-75 (All Hands):
E46, E42, E50, E92, E82 s/c
L27, L19, TL44F, TL31 s/c, TL46 act. TL44 s/c, TL58 s/c
B26, B17

2nd Alarm:
E75, E48, E43
E72 w/ Satellite 2

3rd Alarm:
E38 act. E46, E89 act. E82, E88, E71, E263 act. E42 s/c
L32 act. L27, L47F act. L19 s/c, TL17 act. TL58 s/c, L38 s/c, TL35 act. TL58 s/c, L150F act. L27 s/c
B18FF, B14SM, B58AR, B49 act. B26 s/c, B10 act. B17 s/c
CAR24 (Director Of Technical Services), CAR24B (Director Of Technical Services MEU), CAR11 (Chief Of SOC), CAR22F (Supervisor Of Mechanics), CAR4 (Chief Of Fire Operations), CAR32 (Medical Officer Bronx & Manhattan), CAR15 (Chief of Training)

E83 act. E50
TL46 act. TL44
L47 act. L19
L32 act. L27

E295 act. E72
E263 act. E42
E38 act. E46
E89 act. E82
TL17 act. TL58
B10 act. B17

B9 act. B19
E259 act. E71
E91 act. E88
L129 act. L19
E84 act. E75
TL35 act. TL58
L150 act. L27
B49 act. B26

B53 act. B17
TL164 act. TL58
E90 act. E42
TL14 act. TL44
E96 act. E82

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Dec 6, 2007
Just guessin' here...next up

45 88 71 48
38 55 56

Maybe even 75/33 min the mix.

How well do I grade out?

Tough to guess anymore with relocators responding to the incident.
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Jan 20, 2014
L-117 en route to watch line @07:08
E-313 en route to watch line @07:23

Watch Line 2&2&2.

D-6 requesting a truck to replace the fast

*Sounds like B6 got in there at some point or relocated*
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