5-13-08 Va. Beach, Va. Working Fire in a Private Dwelling

Apr 9, 2007
3506 irvington Court
Near: Holston Circle
Fire in a Private Dwelling

1758: E19, E16, E5, TL16, L9, Sq3, Bat3

1802: Bat3 "I'm on scene, fire showing through the roof, working fire, primary 2nd floor negative"

1802: E3, Safety1, Support8, Bat2, Car4

1805: Bat3 "primary/secondary negative on all floors"

1811: Bat3 "fire knocked down, Exp A: street, Exp B: similar attached, Exp C: yard, Exp D: similar attached, under control"

1823: Car4 (DC McAndrews) confirmed primary/secondary negative, slight haze remains in the attic"

1832: Car4 (DC McAndrews) "fire out"

1858: Bat3 "advise Red Cross 2 citizens need assistance"

1915: Bat3 "command turned over to E19-A"

2010: run closed out