5/19/24 Manhattan All Hands Box 1512

Mar 9, 2023
Incident Location: 2411 8th Avenue **Delayed**

Phone Alarm Reporting Smoke In Apartment 2H - 2410 8th Avenue.

MD/B16: Also Receiving Apartments 5K, 6H & The Addresses Of 2311 8th Avenue & 2411 8th Avenue.

B16: Smoke Appears To Be Coming From 2411 8th Avenue, Units Are Investigating. @00:46

B16: Smoke Condition On The Upper Floors, Trying To Gain Access To The Compacter. @00:51

MD/B16: Also Receiving Apartment 8D For Smoke & 6J Reporting People Trapped.

B16: Using 2&2 For A Compacter Fire At 2411 Frederick Douglass Boulevard, 1 L/S. Still Searching For The Fire & Checking Apartments. @00:58

B16: 8-Story Class 1 Multiple Dwelling, Project Type. @00:59

1: Street
2: Street
3: Unknown
4: Street

B16: Water On The Fire, Occupant From 6J Needs EMS. @01:05

B16: 1 L/S/O Down The Compacter Chute, Primary Searches Throughout Are Complete & Negative. EMS Is Now On Scene. @01:17

B16: All Hands, Under Control. No Special Units Required, (1) 10-45 Code 4. All Given Apartments Check Out. @01:24

E37, E59, E69
L40, L30
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