9/22/23 New Haven Signal 73 Box 1501

Jan 20, 2014
(Another box was out prior for Omni Hotel Loading Dock. Signal 73 Box 4022 E4 E8 E11 E6 E5 T1 T4 T2 R1 Eu2 C33 C32 Soc)

(Smoke Condition at 20 Church. E9 T2)

Fire Location: 1560 Whalley Ave Box 1501.

Reported as dumpster fire with extension

E15 E6 E5 T3 R1 Eu1 C34

E15 Signal 73. Taking the hydrant across the street. We got flames showing from the dumpster extending to the building

C34 on scene in command

C32 & Soc clearing Temple St en route

C34 requesting PD for traffic control

C38 C36 FM10 also on scene

C34 2 L/S/O

C34 got fire from the roof

2 more engines and a truck to 100 Pond Lily Ave for a dumpster fire
E9 E11 T4. E9 can handle redirected E11 T4 to 1560 Whalley Ave

C81 on scene

E16 running out of E5

*Photos by James Christopher

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