9/25/23 Bronx 10-75 Box 2872

Feb 26, 2019
BxD to L54 - Redirect to box 2872 @1636

*E61 on an EMS run

B18 - 10-75, Extra E&T (E90, L31) @1641

*Sq41 told to remain in service. Sq61 into the all hands.

B18 - Using All Hands for fire on the 1st fl of a 2.5 story 20x40 PD. 1 L/S. DWH.

D6 - 10-41 Code 1. Primaries still under way due to heavy clutter.

Some Relocations:
E81 act E45
E60 act E90
E297 act E64
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