9/4/23 Queens 5th Alarm Box 9302


Mar 9, 2023
Incident Location: 32-11 Harper Street (DOT Complex)

Phone Alarm Reporting Smoke From A Factory.

QD/B52: Loaded Up Your Box, Off Duty Chief On Scene Reporting A Fully Involved Building.

E274: 10-75 The Box, Fire In A Warehouse.

QD/B52: L154 Is Designated Your FAST Truck & Medical Branch Resources Are Responding.

B52: Transmit The 2nd Alarm, We Have The Whole Roof Going Of A 1-Story 700x75 Warehouse.

CIDS: 1-Story 700x350 Irregular Class 3, HazMats Throughout. DOT Complex.

D14: Start Out HazMat & s/c (2) Additional Tower Ladders, Make (1) Of Them A 95' (TL117/TL152).

QD/D14: B50RUL, B53SO. Selective Staging Area Is The Marina Parking Lot.

B52: (2) Tower Ladders Inside The Complex In The Alley Way & (2) Tower Ladders In The Street On Exposure 1.

B52: The Command Post Is Located Just Inside The Gate Of The Complex.

D14: Have PD Report To The Van Wick Expressway Southbound, Pedestrians Are All Over The Street.

D14: Transmit The 3rd Alarm.

B28S, E332CU.

D14: s/c (2) Additional Tower Ladders (TL163/TL127), (1) Additional Satellite (E72 w/ Satellite 2) & The Super Pumper (E260 w/ Super Pumper 1).

QD/D14: M1 Has Been Assigned To Your Box.

D14: Fire Throughout. 5 L/S, Tower Ladders In The Process Of Being Set Up.

D14: We Need The Marine Units To Help Us Supply Water Here.

FC: The Scene Is All Jammed, Update The Staging Area To The East Side Of The Marina Parking Lot.

FC: Transmit The 4th Alarm, (2) Tower Ladders On That. s/c (1) Additional Truck To Relieve The FAST Truck (L136) & s/c (1) Additional Battalion Chief (B17).

FC: 4 L/S/O, (1) Blitz Fire In Operation. In The Process Of Stretching Lines From The Marine Companies. (3) Tower Ladders In Operations On The Exposure 1 Side, (2) Tower Ladders Being Set Up On The Exposure 4 Side. (Duration 1hr).

FC: 4 L/S/O, (1) Blitz Fire In Operation. (6) Tower Ladders Set Up, (4) In Operation. Marine Companies Pumping To The Manifold, You Can Release The AR Chief. MBOFKD, Continuing To Hit Hot Spots. (Duration 1hr, 22 Min)

FC: 5 L/S/O, (1) Blitz Fire In Operation. (3) Tower Ladders In Operation. Still Knocking Down Pockets Of Fire On The Exposure 4 Side. DWH. (Duration 1hr, 44 Min)

FC: Mixer-Off Message.

FC: Transmit The 5th Alarm, The Trucks Do Not Have To Be Tower Ladders. Have All Units Respond To The Staging Area.

FC: Assign CAR11.

FC: Good Water Source For The Tower Ladders On Exposure 1, Establishing A Water Source For The Tower Ladders On Exposure 3. In The Process Of Setting Up The Hydra-Sub Pump. Companies Are Making Good Progress, DWH. (Duration 2hr, 19 Min)

FC: s/c (2) Additional Battalions (B31/B3 act. B46) & Have Them Report To The Command Post.


E289, E297, E274, E273, E316
TL138, L130, L129, L154F
B52, B46
M4, M6, MB
*E273/L129 Initially Unavailable*

E307, E295, E287
E324 w/ Satellite 4
TL144, TL117 s/c, TL152 s/c
B49, B50RUL, 53SO
HM1 s/c, HMB s/c, SQ270HMTU s/c

E263, E299, E292, E305, E332CU
TL163 s/c, TL127 s/c
B45FF, B28S, B43AR
MSU, RAC3, M1, E72 w/ Satellite 2 s/c, E260 w/ Super Pumper 1 s/c

E320, E312, E306, E325
TL50 act. TL144, TL119 act. TL117, L136F s/c
B18 act. B52, B17 s/c

E315, E326, E259, E291
L167, L125
B51, B31 s/c, B3 act. B46 s/c


B18 act. B52
TL120 act. TL152
TL031 act. TL138
TL119 act. TL117
E293 act. E305
E301 act. E287
E221 act. E324
L133 act. L129
TL050 act. TL144
E217 act. E260
E050 act. E289
TL124 act. TL127
B03 act. B46
TL041 act. TL144
E303 act. E320
TL017 act. TL117
E088 act. E325
E276 act. E285
E285 act. E315
B38 act. B51
E008 act. E299

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Mar 7, 2023
Address 32-11 harper street Northern Blvd to flushing bay fire in a warehouse
700x350 roof is fully going
Off duty Bc reported the job
E274 gave the 10-75
BC52 Gave the 2-2
Cids dot complex irregular class 3 5 yard hydrant haz-mat high pressure gas main gasoline diesel kerosene stored and dispensed
50 Rul 53 Saftey
Dc14 s/c 2 towers 1 should be a 95 foot and start out haz-mat
Tl117 tl152s/c trucks
DC14 have pd respond to the van Wyck southbound rigs all over the street
L138 have units respond in via the marina entrance
Mr4 we are 15 min out
Dc14 3-3 22:16
Marina parking lot
Dc14 s/c 2 towers 1 satellite and the super pumper Tl163 Tl 127 e260T Super pumper e72w St2
Marine 1 assigned
E332 communication
Progress report
commercial 2 story fire through out 5ls/o setting up tower ladders for outside opps
marine 4 is 10-84 marine 6 5 minutes out marine 1 will take aome time just assinged 22:30
Fc units need to come in from the west everything is all Jamed up
Stageing moved Northern and 127 street
Fc to Queens have Bc45 come in from the south side of the bulding and report on the radio to the command post . Queens to Fc 45 is 10-84 . 10-4 notify ems to come in from the west the way they are coming in its a bottleneck if come from the east they have to come in from the west
Fire marshall 10-84 22:41
FC to Queens tell Bc28 go to handi talkie channel 5 . Queens to the 28 . 28 as per discussion with Fc over landline we are moving stageing back to marina east parking lot . 10-4 . Also have the aide go to handie talkie channel 5
Fc to Queens have pd shut down Northern Blvd from the bridge to kissna? Way by the marina
Fc transmit the full 4th alarm 3 trucks 2 towers on the 4th and 1 truck to replace the fast track and 1 additional BC
Progress report 4 l/s/O in processof stretching lines from marine units 3 towers operating on the exp1 side 2 set up not operating on the exp4 side
Progress report by orders of car 4g 4l/s/o 1 blitz fire marine units supplying the manifold 6 tiwers set up 4 in ipiration 10-2 the air recon and 136 in place of fast truck 22:25
Progress report 5l/s/o 1 blitz fire 3 towers ladders in process of stretching handlines from exposure 3 towers knocked down pockets on exp side hitting pockets on exp 3 sire by orders of car 4g duration 1:44
Fc with a mixer off per ems citywide 2 green tag Ff transported to hospital 31 new york Presbyterian Queens
Fc per car 4 transmit a 5th alarm the trucks don't have to be towers
Fc have Car 11 respond
Pet eme citywide 1 more injured ff orange tag
Fc in process of setting up a hydra sub pump
Some units
E274 E305 E287 E289 E324 St4 E260T super pumper E72w St2 e332 comunacations E320 e312 e316 e325 e315 e326 e291 e259
L154F L138 L117 l152 l163 l127 L50 acting 144 l119 act 117 l136F l167 l125
BC52 50RUL 53SO 28 stageing BC17 Bc18 act 52 bc51
Mr4 Mr6 Mr1 Mb
Hm01 HB01
Rac3 rac 4 msu ts1 Rb Sb Fc fire scene unit
Car 33 2H 4B 22B 22F 24 12A 11F 9 16 4g 4 33
E88 act 325
E303 act 320
E50 act 289
E217 act 260
E293 act 305
E301 act 287
E221 act 324
L17 act 117
l50.act 144 into the job
L41 act 144
L124 act 127
l133 act 129
L120 act 152
L31 ACT 138
L119 act 117 into the job
BC18 ACT 52 into the job
BC3 ACT 46 into the job
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