9/9/23 Brooklyn All Hands Box 2425

Mar 9, 2023
Incident Location: 644 East 34th Street

Phone Alarm Reporting A Fire In A Multiple Dwelling.

BK/TL157: Corrected Address Is 644 East 34th Street.

Unknown Unit & E255: 10-75 The Box.

BK/B41: L174 Is Designated Your FAST Truck & Medical Branch Resources Are Responding.

B41: Using All Hands For A Fire In The Basement Of A 2-Story 20x40 Private Dwelling. 644 East 34th Street Is The Confirmed Address. 2 L/S, 1 L/O. Searches Are In Progress, DWH. (Duration 8 Min)

1: Street
2: Alley Way
3: Unknown
4: Similar Attached

B41: s/c An Extra Engine & Truck (E249/L113).

D15: 3 L/S, 2 L/O. Primary Searches Are Complete & Negative On The 1st & 2nd Floor. s/c (1) Additional Truck (TL105 act. TL157). DWH.

D15: MBOFKD. (Duration 16 Min)

D15: Primary Searches Are Complete & Negative Throughout. (Duration 21 Min)

D15: All Visible Fire Has Been Knocked Down. (Duration 26 Min)

D15: (1) 10-45 Code 4, DWH. (Duration 32 Min)

D15: Secondary Searches On The 1st & 2nd Floor Are Complete & Negative, PWH. (Duration 36 Min)

D15: (1) Additional 10-45, No Code. (Duration 38 Min)

D15: Secondary Searches Are Complete & Negative Throughout, The 2nd 10-45 Is A Code 4. Under Control. (Duration 41 Min)

E255, E248, E281, E310, E249 s/c
TL157, L147, L174F, L113 s/c, TL105 act. TL157 s/c
B41, B48

Some Relocations:
TL105 act. TL157
L101 act. L147
L108 act. L113
E247 act. E255
TL114 act. TL157
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