Another Attagirl for 2 EMTs

Apr 1, 2007
Don't know when this happened, but was just posted on the FDNY Facebook page . . . (FDNY photos) . . .

“We were on Northern Boulevard and we noticed a car driving into oncoming traffic which eventually jumped the curb, and crashed into a fire hydrant. We positioned the ambulance and got out to assess the situation. The car had already begun smoking, the driver was disoriented and began stepping on the gas pedal, that’s when the car burst into flames. I quickly checked to see if there were any passengers in the back and then I noticed that the driver was slumped over. At this time the car was filling with heavy smoke. The driver door was stuck, but we were able to pull the door open and pull the driver out. We then began to provide patient care to the driver of the car,” said FDNY EMT Libby Basquez, who along with her partner EMT Lucy Conway was able to recue an individual from a burning vehicle in Queens.
FDNY EMT Lucy Conway said, “When we noticed the erratic driver we did all we could do alert other motorists and pedestrians that may have been on the sidewalk. Once the driver crashed we were able to quickly size up the scene, call for additional resources and work quickly to remove the individual from the vehicle.”


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