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Apr 24, 2007
WHEN: TUES EVENING, 2 April 2024 at 1930 HRS, Eastern Time.

WHERE: ZOOM # 503 919 8362

SPEAKER: Vito Maggiolo

SUBJECT: A look into the job of being the POI for the Washington Fire & EMS Dept.

Vito Maggiolo currently serves as the Public Information Officer in the nation’s capital for the Washington DC Fire and EMS Department. His primary focus is handling the daily social media messaging on both Twitter and Facebook.

In doing so, he responds to all incident scenes of note, obtaining critical information and images so the community can be updated and the media notified of newsworthy events. At the same time, he will interface with other city agencies and stakeholders to assist them with information gathering.

He is on call 24/7 to also respond to media inquiries or any other questions from community members.

Maggiolo also seeks out other agency activities to capture images that show the community at large our commitment to their safety and well being, such as training activities. He also pushes out social media safety messages to enhance community awareness of such issues as smoke alarms, heating safety precautions, and a number of other issues.

He is a lifelong student of the fire service. Prior to working for the Department, Maggiolo had a 35 year career with the Cable News Network as an assignment editor and producer. During his tenure with the network. Maggiolo covered a number of major stories, including the Oklahoma City Bombing, The Columbine School shooting, and the events of 911. Working Internationally, he received Emmy Awards for his coverage of events in China during Tiananmen Square, as well as for his work as lead producer in Baghdad during the first Gulf War.

Vito started his interest in the fire service with FDNY’s Engine 62, Ladder 32, and Battalion 15 back in the ‘war years’. Spent many nights in the quarters of Engine 82 during those busy years. In addition, you could find him serving coffee from the Salvation Army Canteen on many cold nights.

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