CFA Course this Saturday 2/24/24

Jan 20, 2014
Little late but the incident in Da Bronx this morning made me want to share this

*Come see me Saturday for my 2 hour lecture*

Most agricultural injuries and deaths come from rollovers and entanglements within machinery. This class will touch on the typical man vs machine operations but will come to focus on farm related incidents and considerations. Every response area has agricultural equipment such as tractors, loaders and mowers. We will also cover more farm specific machinery such as hay bailers and auger equipment. The understanding of hydraulics, power take off (PTO) systems and everyday hazards presented on a farm will keep you safe and maximize the chance of survival for the victim.

Location: Connecticut Fire Academy Class date: Saturday February 24, 2024 Class hours: 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Course fee: Free

Walk-in’s will be welcome

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