EMS - WATER RESCUE / Harlem River


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Apr 24, 2007
his past weekend, FDNY EMTs and Paramedics along with NYPD Police Officers and a good Samaritan, were able to rescue an individual who was drowning in the Harlem River. First arriving FDNY EMTs Matthew Colavito and Robert Coppola from Station 10 observed an individual in distress floating in the swiftly moving river. The EMTs climbed over the railing and with the help of Police Officers from the NYPD 23rd Precinct and a bystander were able to remove the individual who was unconscious and not breathing. EMTs began life-saving medical interventions and were then assisted by FDNY Paramedics Marlene Lantigua and Raymond Wasyl from Station 10. FDNY Lieutenant Daniel Burgos said, “These four FDNY EMS members as well as the NYPD officers and a good Samaritan worked as a team and were able to save a life today. Their hard work and dedication towards the patient was paramount to a positive outcome. They should all be proud of their performance and dedication at this assignment.”