EMS's Beach Patrol......


Staff member
Apr 24, 2007
In areas around the city where we have long sections of beach and boardwalk, we have dedicated FDNY units that can respond into these often hard to access areas to quickly treat and transport sick and injured patients. We refer to them as ASAP units, Alternative Support Apparatus. We are able to bring this vehicle, which has all the lifesaving equipment that a Basic Life Support ambulance would have, right to the shoreline. Currently we have these units in the Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens,” said FDNY Lieutenant LaToya Darden of Station 47. “A lot of the areas of beach we cover are very wide, and often crowded. Being able to drive the ASAP unit right up to a patient with all the equipment we need to treat them benefits them greatly. Once we remove the patient off the beach or the boardwalk we then will transfer care to an Advanced Life Support or Basic Life Support Unit for transport to a local hospital. I have seen firsthand how beneficial these units are for New Yorkers and anyone who visits are beaches and boardwalks,” said FDNY EMT Andrew Ochtera of Station 47.
FDNY ASAP Units are also used throughout the year in Times Square and at special events such as the NYC Marathon, July 4th Firework Displays, Parades, and other event areas where immediate access to an ambulance may be limited.