Looking back to The Fourth of July, 1970s and 1980s

Jun 22, 2007
40 or 50 years ago, the Fourth of July night would be the busiest night for heavy fire activity throughout places like the FDNY, or Providence, RI.
The firefighters and fire dispatchers who were a part of it have since retired, or sadly some have passed away.
They have been replaced by the next generation of firefighters and dispatchers, and in some cases, another generation has followed.

For those who were a part of it, you certainly earned your pay and you have plenty of stories to tell.

For those of us who were buffs back then and got to see it for themselves, "we will never forget it".

Well for our newer members here, or those who weren't even born to see it, let's take you back to stories and photos that have been posted on this site in two separate threads.
They are:

1) "Oh Those Busy Fourth Of Julys"


2) "Providence, RI Fourth of July Fires - 1980s"