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Apr 24, 2007

David Traiforos is a 52 year member of the fire service. Started his career as a fire cadet, then became a paid on call fireman. Got hired as a paid fireman, promoted to Lieutenant , Captain and Battalion Chief and appointed to the position of Chief of Department from the Franklin Park IL Fire Department where he retired. Then became Chief of Department for the Berkeley IL Fire Department. Has been involved in training since 1988. Currently a Training Instructor with the McHenry County College Fire Academy in Crystal Lake IL. Has taught at many fire service venues across the country. Instructor at the Fire Department Instructors Conference International (FDIC) for over twenty years. Serves as a classroom instructor teaching “Learning from Others’ Experiences”. Is president and lead instructor of his own teaching and instruction company called Great Lakes Fire & Rescue Solutions.

“Learning from Others’ Experiences” is a classroom program where we look at incidents that have taken place over the past year promoting the fire service using photos and videos. These incidents focuses on viewing dramatic photos and or videos depicting moments captured on the fireground to illustrate how firefighters’ aggressive actions can lead to danger and interfere with the task at hand, leaving firefighters at risk for injury or death. Try to show topics of interest of what is trending in the fire service today.

The meeting will be taking place via Zoom on Tuesday night, May 7th at 1930 Hrs, eastern time. For additional information please contact Atlas at:

Thank you
Jun 22, 2007
THANK YOU Dave (David Traiforos) for Your EXCELLENT Presentation last night - Tuesday, May 7th.
I think those of us who joined in would certainly agree as well.

Thank you also "jbendick" and "Atlas" for setting this up for us.

Oh yes, one more thing - "Atlas", I think its safe to say that we also enjoyed the photos you showed us of your care givers and nurses while you were recovering from your surgery.
"I sure did"

See you all next time.

Willy D (NFD2004)