Norfolk VA 2d Alarm 9/17/23

Apr 1, 2007
Norfolk *Working fire* 9501 15th Bay St. E16 reporting smoke showing from a distance.
E7 in the area and being added to the assignment.
E16 stretching on a two story residential structure with heavy smoke and fire showing

E7 E14 E15 E16

E16 reporting the structure is fully involved and they need exposure lines on the house across the street

BN3 striking a 2nd alarm
2nd alarm companies
E4 E13

BN3 assuming IC

IC requesting a company go down 14th Bay St. to protect exposures there

IC reporting main fire building has collapsed and the have heavy involvement on the Bravo exposure

Now reporting a garage on fire behind 9527

Engine 7 water supply line is ruptured.

Fire at 9527 is extinguished, home owner watching with a garden hose. Will be stretching a line.

Fire at 9527 has been extinguished
Also have a vehicle on fire now

Move Ups - E8 and L8 to Station 1, didn't catch where E11 is covering.
Edit: E8 and L8 moved up to Station 13, not Station 1. Sorry for the mistake - TS

E7 reporting multiple people running over the supply line

Fire in 9510 is under control

Collapse of a shed on the Bravo side
All companies accounted for

Companies reporting a large amount of gasoline in the shed that collapsed

IC having all companies shut down their lines on the main fire building

Companies continuing to overhaul and extinguish vegetation fires
The garage fire keeps flaring up due to the gasoline

IC marking the fire under control, but advising units will be committed for a while

Text courtesy multiple contributors, Hampton Roads Fire Rescue Incidents