Norfolk VA Working Fire 9/21/23

Apr 1, 2007
Norfolk *commercial fire* 7988 Diggs Rd. E15 stretching on a 2 story apartment building with light smoke showing.

E15 advancing into the structure, noting the apartment is completely charged with heavy smoke. Requesting E9 to take some windows for vent.

BC02, BC03, E09, E13, E15, FM05, L09, M13, RS02

R2 has primary, E13 has RIT, E9 vent, E15 fire attack. BC02 taking command. E15 has located an empty wheelchair interior.

2 L/S/O, E9 located fire breaching the exterior of the structure and actively knocking down.

E15 located the seat of the fire, Charlie side, division 1, water on the fire. E9 now seeing fire showing from the attic, R2 grabbing a line and headed up.

Primary search complete and negative div 1/2.

** NOTE ** NFR only has 1 medic available due to high commitment.

Command calling fire control at 1633 hours.
** NOTE** the city is overtaxed and another commercial structure run has just dropped.

Dispatch contacting Red Cross to assist 2 residents.

Text courtesy Matthew Grubbs, Hampton Roads Fire Rescue Incidents.