Oct 2001R@R

Feb 24, 2022
Back in Oct of 2001 after that awful day when the brothers were murdered a bunch got together from Somerville Mass. Local 76 we invited some of the brothers to Somerville for a little R@R. I remember there were Firefighters and Officers from Eng 217 Lad 110 and various compnies from Brooklyn. We went to a Bruins and Islands game at the Garden where we were treated very well (as a matter of fact one fan bought every one in uniform a drink) from there we went to at the time one of the hottest clubs in Boston where we were treated like Kings. I was wondering if any of the Men from FDNY are still on the job I would like to here from any FDNY member who is still working or retired who remembers that trip. Thanks Lt. Mark Wall (Retired)