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Jul 28, 2014
My guess is that the Church Fire is in Staten Island, due to the partial company number on the style of the church building construction. One thing for sure it is an old church. I have written articles on church fires, so I hope I am right. Capt. Bob Rainey FDNY E-26 retired.

lt's St. Sarkis Armenian Apostolic Church, the company is LADDER 164... >>>>

On the night of May 21, 1985, the bell tower of St. Sarkis Church was hit by lightning and the resulting fire destroyed the church. The parish left without a House of Worship was devastated by the tragedy. Soon afterwards, however, St. Sarkis Parish feverishly began the road to recovery and healing. For the next five years, St. Sarkis Church held services at All Saints Episcopal Church, 214-33 40th Avenue, Bayside.

Check reply #9, member LlONHEART found the answer >>>

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Jan 1, 2009
The 1940's NYC tax photo site is pretty damn awesome. Spent some time clicking on buildings around E82/L31 to see what the old neighborhoods looked like. Very interesting. Shame it all went by the wayside. Looked like a nice place to live in the 40's. Also explored the area around what used to be Ebbets Field. Click on the dots there and you see photos with the stadium in the background.


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May 6, 2010
^^^^^ That is the Church.....the photo credit is Kevin McGoldrick .....Kevin was a FF OTJ.....the night of the Fire I was watching it with Kevin & Darrell Bennett both of whom I worked with on Bradford St when I was in 332 & they were both in 175....I had forgot that Kevin took pictures that night....his Son is now OTJ.