Raleigh, NC Fire at Retirement Home 9/7/23

May 11, 2022
Crews from Raleigh Fire Department battled a fire at a retirement home late last night. Crews were initially dispatched to an automatic fire alarm but a fire was found in one apartment. The fire was extinguished by building sprinkler system. The resident of said apartment was transported to an area hospital with second and third degree burns according to firefighter radio transmissions. An EMS second alarm was issued sending two additional transport units and two additional EMS chiefs. No other injuries were reported.

Additional information from Legeros Fire Line on Facebook:
Dispatched 10:33 p.m. as automatic fire alarm activation for Squad 14 and Ladder 14 at 3113 Charles B. Root Wynd, retirement facility. Three-story, garden-style, multi-residential structure with 128,051 square-feet. Built 1991, from tax records.
Nothing showing on arrival. After entry, Squad 14 reported a working fire and requested a full structure fire assignment. Also located and removed a victim with burns, who they delivered to EMS.
Found a room and contents fire that was out, extinguished by sprinkler system. Battalion 3 in command. Ladder 14 assigned to turn water off. Other units initially assigned to ventilation. Medical assigned second channel, for their operations.
District 5 with medical. EMS staging in parking lot of law office across the street. Approximately 50 residents on the floor. Crews assisted with checking on all residents, assisting with sheltering in place, water removal, air monitoring of impacted areas, etc.
Fire alarm: Sq14 L14
Structure fire: E17 E16 E8 L6 R16 B3 B5 ISO14
Working fire: A10 INV1 DC1
EMS - Structure fire: D5 EMS41 EMST1
EMS - Additional alarm: D7 D9 EMS10 EMS60
Incident ended at 12:19 a.m. (from PulsePoint).