South Florida Flooding

Sep 7, 2020
Fort Lauderdale International Airport just issued a ground stop due to flooding

Numerous FD’s up and down the coast are involved in high water rescues.
Jun 27, 2017
The Weather Service told the citizens in Florida this was gonna happen over a week ago: this was no surprise.

Roads are designed to hold water so it doesn't end up in your living room. Small changes in elevation can make a big difference. The locals learn to pay attention to high and low spots during routine showers, so they know a point of refuge when the car starts to float. Sobriety can also be helpful. And get off the roads at night.

During Hurricane Harvey, Entropychaser's World Headquarters neighborhood recorded 52 inches rain total. Those videos in Florida don't look bad at all.

The HFD District Chief told me that Ladder 21 can evacuate the first floor of the apartment building at the South Loop and South Post Oak Road in their sleep.