Technical Advice #6 - Rope Rescue

Apr 25, 2023
Good morning team,
I have currently moved onto updating the rope rescue component of our training SOPs. I was wondering how often rope rescue is conducted over in the big apple? also what sort of systems are used? i imagaine most of your rescues from height would be taken care of by ladders or towers? however ropes always come in handy. i have seen in movies like ladder 49 and such you will use a person as an improvised anchor point. Is that actually done over in the USA? or is that hollywood drama? I can't think of a situation where that would be done here. Ideally we need to use an anchor point rated to 1.5T for one person and 2.1T for two people. We also use twin lines. so both the rescuer (we call them the RAT - Rapid Access Technician) and the casualty will be connected to 2 lines at all times.

I'm interested to hear of how ropes are used in FDNY.

Also a recent mine rescue competition i adjudicated (judged) held in Kalgoorlie, west Australia. This is a huge gold mining town and has history dating back to the 1800s.

Below are a couple of fire props that were set up to simulate a gas bullet the other one was a deisel bath fire.