Website down on February 21, '24

Jun 22, 2007
As many of us know, this web site was down most of the day on Wednesday, February 21, '24.
As we went to check things out, we received a message saying;
"Your Connection Is Not Private"
"Attackers might be trying to steal your information from" (for example passwords, messages, or credit cards.)

That message pushed most of us away.

I was first notified of this by site member "signal73" at 9:52 am.
I then contacted Our Administrators and the Owner of this site.

Working together, they took care of it for us and as of about 5:20 pm everything is back to normal.

I do have some members email addresses in which I notified them of any updated info that was sent to me by Our Admins.
"Atlas" in particular, kept me updated so that I could pass that information onto those members.

If you would like to be included in any such email messages, please send me a private message on this site with your name and email address.

Willy D (NFD2004)